Rhodes Old Town Chronicles: Tales of Yore

Rhodes Old Town Chronicles: Tales of Yore

Nestled on the eastern coast of the Greek island of Rhodes lies a city steeped in history and charm – Rhodes Old Town. Believed to be one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to its rich past.

The maze-like streets of Rhodes Old Town are lined with medieval architecture, blending Byzantine, Ottoman, and Italian influences. But it’s not just the stunning buildings that draw visitors in; it’s the tales that each brick and stone holds within them.

One story speaks of Colossus – a giant bronze statue that stood at the harbor entrance and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World. It is said that visitors from all corners would marvel at its beauty and grandeur. Sadly, an earthquake destroyed Colossus in 226 BC, but its memory lives on.

Another legendary tale takes place within The Palace Of The Grand Masters built by Knights Of St John during their rule over Rhodes (1309-1523). This imposing fortress became a symbol of strength after surviving multiple invasions throughout history. One such invasion happened during Ottoman times when Suleiman The Magnificent captured Rhodes after besieging it for six months. During his stay at The Palace rhodesoldtown.gr Of The Grand Masters, he unknowingly saved priceless marble statues by using them as cannonballs. These statues are now proudly displayed inside Municipal Art Gallery alongside works from famous Greek artists dating back centuries.

Amongst these structures stands Street Of Knights – officially known as Ippoton Strata (Knights Street). Walking down this cobbled path feels like stepping back in time to when knights lived there during their stay on Rhodes Island centuries ago! Just imagine walking past knightly quarters adorned with emblems carved into limestone walls or entering Hospitalier Cemetery beneath Ballista Turret featuring incredibly preserved Templar tombs!

A popular tale involves “The Ghost Warrior”, who wanders through these old alleys in search of his beloved princess. Legend has it that he was a brave knight, who fought valiantly but was killed in battle when defending Rhodes. It is said that the spirit of this noble warrior can still be seen roaming the streets, searching for his lost love.

Rhodes Old Town Chronicles bring these tales to life, offering visitors an immersive experience through guided tours. These tours delve into stories and legends of bygone eras, allowing travelers to connect with the history and culture of this remarkable place.

Indeed, Rhodes Old Town is not merely an ancient city with magnificent architecture; it’s a living chronicle waiting to be explored and discovered by those who are captivated by its tales of yore.

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